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Zombageddon Paintball Hayride in Fredonia, PA


Zombageddon Paintball Hayride is a thrilling seasonal attraction in Fredonia, Pennsylvania, offering a unique blend of paintball action and Halloween-themed entertainment. This event has become a popular destination for locals and visitors seeking a combination of excitement and fright during the fall season. Fredonia, PA can be seen here.

The Experience

Participants in Zombageddon Paintball Hayride embark on a tractor-drawn hayride equipped with paintball guns. The objective is to fend off hordes of “zombies” that emerge from the shadows, creating an adrenaline-pumping adventure. The event is designed to provide a safe and family-friendly environment while delivering a heart-pounding experience. Click here to read about Greystone Country Estates in Fredonia, PA.


– Interactive Gameplay: Riders use paintball markers to shoot at costumed actors portraying zombies, adding a real-time combat element to the hayride.

– Thematic Atmosphere: The event features elaborate sets, special effects, and lighting to enhance the spooky ambiance.

– Safety Measures: All participants are provided with safety equipment, including masks and paintball markers, ensuring a secure experience for all ages.

Community Impact

Zombageddon Paintball Hayride not only offers a fun and unique activity for thrill-seekers but also contributes to the local economy by attracting visitors to Fredonia. The event often collaborates with local businesses and charities, fostering community spirit and support.

Contact Information

For those interested in experiencing the Zombageddon Paintball Hayride, detailed information, including dates, tickets, and safety guidelines, is available on their official website or through local event listings.