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Northwest Pennsylvania is in close proximity to Lake Erie and throughout North America, people know how treacherous weather conditions can be around the Great Lakes region.  Storms frequently wreak havoc on places like Mercer, Hadley, Hermitage, and other communities throughout our corner of the state. When repairs becomes necessary due to damage from conditions, such as high winds, rain, and hail, Liberty Roofing Pros is there to rebuild and restore! 

When unexpected circumstances inflict roof damage requiring repairs, navigating the insurance claims process can be challenging. Liberty Roofing Pros specializes in dealing with insurance adjusters so that your claim is settled fairly and the restoration job is thorough.

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Telltale Signs that You Need Repairs to Your Roof

Insurance Claims Assistance

Liberty Roofing Pros makes sure roof repair is thorough and you’re covered as fully as possible by your insurance provider.

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Here’s How it Works in Most Cases:

  • Call Liberty Roofing Pros– 844-454-0604 – to schedule an appointment for an inspection. If your roof needs tarping right away, we’ll take care of that, as we proceed through the insurance and restoration process.
  • Liberty Roofing works with you. Together, we’ll contact your insurance company to report the loss accurately with all the necessary documentation.
  • We will prepare a detailed report of all the damage, itemizing each aspect of the restoration.
  • We will meet with your insurance adjuster to discuss the storm, wind, or hail-related damage repairs.
  • Liberty Roofing Pros will review the estimate that your insurance company provider and we will make sure it covers all the damage and associated repair costs. 
  • We will sit down with you to start the material selection process leading up to the installation of your new roofing material, gutters, siding, and accessories…whatever is necessary and everything that is covered by your insurance policy!
  • Liberty Roofing will finalize the scope of work and costs, making sure that your insurance funds pay for every allowable expense after your deductible.
  • We will schedule a date that’s convenient to you for Liberty Roofing Pros to start the project.
  • Liberty Roofing submits the appropriate documentation to your insurance company so you walk away with a fully restored property at minimal expense.

You, Liberty, and Your Insurance Company Want Your Roof Done Right!

Damage to your roof is common after storms. Your insurance company has a vested interest in making sure your new roof is fixed the right way, with the right materials and craftsmanship. Hail can inflict cracks and dents in asphalt shingle and metal surfaces alike– including residential metal roofing and commercial metal roofing. Strong winds can rip roofing material away. Damaged or missing shingles that lead to water ingress

Liberty Roofing Pros will make a senior effort to assure your get the ample insurance funds needed accomplish restoration needs thoroughly.

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Professional Roof Inspections

To determine the extent of the restoration your roof needs, Liberty Roofing Pros will conduct  a proper assessment of damage caused by the sudden and destructive forces of nature, or by normal wear and tear over the years. A thorough and professional roof inspection is an essential 1st-step in getting a job done right and delivering a new roof that will last for decades.

What’s in a Liberty Roofing Pros Roof Inspection Report?

A roof inspection report is a detailed document which includes photographic evidence of the roof conditions. The report accurately provides measurements and diagrams assessing the total area of your roof. Advice is provided on any issues that need repair in the short-term and what to look out for in the near future. The age of your roof, if not known by the property owner, will be estimated and Liberty Roofing Pros will suggest when it is time to consider a roof replacement.

  • Roof diagram
  • Roof measurements and pitch detection
  • Ongoing roof maintenance recommendations
  • Photographs of problem areas
  • Diagnostic description of damage 
  • Recommended repairs
  • Preliminary estimate for roof repairs or replacement 
  • Supportive documentation for insurance claim, if applicable 

Roof replacement or repairs needs to start with a proper assessment of damage caused by normal wear and tear over the years or by the sudden and destructive forces of nature. A thorough and professional roof inspection is an essential 1st-step in getting a job done right and delivering a new roof that will last for decades.

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Common Roof Problems Explained

Missing Shingles

If you have missing or damaged shingles, there’s an increased risk of moisture penetrating into your roofing deck and attic space. This moisture can collect inside the rafters and insulation, promoting bacterial growth – a health hazard. Let Liberty Roofing Pros replace missing shingles before moisture damage takes hold.

Shingle Curling

Aging roofs often have shingles with turned up edges, giving most of the shingle surface a concave shape. Curling shingles diminish the appearance of your roof. If a significant number of shingles are curling and Liberty Roofing Pros is unable to flatten them, they should be replaced  or if they’re curling so badly that your roofer won’t be able to flatten them back out, we’ll recommend replacement.

Hail Bruising and Roof Repair Cost

Hail damage to shingle roofs takes the form of circular indentations with factors to the shingle mat and loss of protective surface granules. If not addressed promptly, hail damage can lead to a need for roof leak repair. Liberty Roofing Pros can identify hail damage during their thorough roof inspection, so you can avoid a potential roof leak repair cost.

Dependable Roof Repair for Western PA

Liberty Roofing Pros is dedicated to delivering high performance, long lasting roof repairs and replacements. Our roofing and gutter systems are the best you can get in the Ohio Valley areas of northwest Pennsylvania

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