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Metal Roofing Erie PA: Is Repair Enough or Should You Replace It?

Metal roofing Erie PA is known for its durability and longevity. However, this does not mean that it is invincible and won’t need any maintenance. May it be due to normal wear and tear or damage caused by extreme weather conditions, metal roofs will eventually need repair or replacement at some point. But when can you say that your metal roof needs repair or replacement?

To help you, we’ve compiled in this blog some of the obvious signs you should look out for to determine whether your metal roof will require repairs only or replacement already. This way, you can address any roof issues or problems before they can cause further damage to your property in general.

metal roofing erie pa

Signs your metal roof needs repair

  • Leakage. Leaks are a problem that once left unresolved, can potentially cause more damage to your property. However, whenever you notice leaks, roof replacement may not always be the needed solution right away. If it only affects a certain area on the roof, then roof repairs may already be enough to address the problem. Call an expert on metal roofing just to be sure. They know better how to handle leakage problems on a metal roof.


  • Discoloration. Color changes on a metal roof are often caused by corrosion due to rust, which is a common problem since metal roofs are made of iron-based metal and are regularly exposed to rain and moisture. Once you notice them, it’s a sign that your roof already has some corroded sections making them more susceptible to leakage problems.

  • Wrinkling. Metal roof panels should have enough room to expand. If during the installation your roofing contractor failed to leave enough space, the roof’s surface can wrinkle after constant expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes. It may also develop waves due to overtightened fasteners and uneven underlayment. Once you notice this, call the best expert in metal roofing Erie PA has to offer. They can help you repair this roof problem.

Signs your metal roof needs replacement

  • Old age. One of the key factors in determining whether you should repair or replace your metal roof is its age. Just like any other roof, a metal roof will not last forever. It is expected to last only between 40 to 70 years and once it’s nearing the end of its lifespan, it needs to be replaced even if it still appears to be in a good condition. This is because no matter how sturdy it still looks, it may already has a lot of issues that could potentially lead to more serious problems later on. 


  • Extensive rust or corrosion. Metal roofs are painted with a protective coating to avoid rust. However, this coating will also not last forever. Once it begins to fade, so does the protection on your roof. When this happens, the metal roof will be exposed to nature’s elements and rust may start building on them. Corrosion may also occur if the metal roof is made of more than just one metal. This is because dissimilar metals could cause a chemical reaction if they contact each other. When this happens, it can lead to water leaks thereby causing more damage to your property.
  • Water leakage. Leaks on your metal roof can be caused by rust, corrosion damage, loose panels, missing fasteners, or even improper installation. If it only affects a small area on your roof, roof repair may already be enough to address the problem. However, if the extent of the water damage already affects almost the entire roof, then roof replacement may be the best solution. Mere repairs or just totally ignoring them may lead to bigger problems such as damage to housing materials, electrical systems, and even mold growth.

Liberty Roofing is an expert in metal roofing Erie PA!

We are the best experts in metal roofing Erie PA has to offer. We have a highly dedicated and experienced team that knows the ins and outs of metal roofing. From proper installation to repair or replacement, we’ve got you covered. We can help you have a metal roof that can stand up even to the most extreme weather conditions. Contact us to receive a free estimate today!

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