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Proper Gutter Installation - The Key to Roof Resilience

Your property’s gutter system plays a critical role in protecting not only your roof, but even your home’s foundation. When Liberty Roofing Pros gets ready to perform a roof replacement, we’ll evaluate the conditions of your gutter system. There’s no sense replacing a roof on a home or building with poorly functioning gutters. More than anything else, we want our jobs to last as long as possible and a new roof with old, leaky or misaligned gutters will shorten the duration of a roof and minimize the value of the expensive roof replacement work you’re about to get done.

For an affordable, high-performance gutter system that will add years of life to the most crucial component of your home–its roof, trust Liberty Roofing Pros, Inc.

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Types of Gutters:

Western PA’s Weather Calls for Great Gutters

Our region of northwest Pennsylvania gets at least 50% more precipitation than the U.S. average. With 42 inches of rain and snow annually, our area gets more than even Seattle, WA! 

  • The average amount of annual precipitation is approx. 42.5 inches 
  • The wettest months are May, June and July
  • June is the wettest month with  approx. 4.5 inches

Your property should have a well-functioning gutter system and efficient water run-off to handle heavy rains, winds, and hail. Keep your roof, eaves, fascia, soffits, and foundation safe from water damage for years to come. Count on Liberty Roofing Pros to replace your gutter system, including ferrules, downspouts, hangers, pipe cleats, and even sagging sections of your low-slope or flat commercial rooftop.

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Forty-Two Inches of Rain per Year! That’s Why Western PA Gutter Installation Needs to BE Done Right

If someone were to ask you what place in the U.S. gets the most rain, you might guess the city of Seattle, Washington or another coastal town like Cape Cod, Massachusetts. But, if you were to guess Fredonia or Pittsburgh PA, you’d be a lot closer to the right answer! Seattle receives about 37 inches of rain per year. While Western PA get 42 inches of rain per year on average! (Just be happy you don’t live in Aberdeen, Washington where 85 inches of rain falls per year.) 

Here in Western PA, roofing systems better have properly performed good installation to go with them. In places like Fredonia PA, and wherever rain is prevalent, gutters are a critical part of protecting homes and buildings from rain and moisture damage.  

By channeling water off a roof and into the horizontal spans of gutter, then into downspouts, a properly installed rain gutter system saves property owners the expense and headaches of dealing with water damage to parts of their home’s wood roof framing, fascia, and soffits. But that’s not the only risk of not having gutters or neglecting gutter maintenance. When rainwater is allowed to flow freely over roof eaves, it causes erosion along its points of impact with the ground, potentially leading to seepage through the building foundation, not to mention adversely impacting flower beds and expensive landscaping. Our local rainfall levels are a little higher than the national average of 38 inches, but even far less rainfall averages can inflict the damage described above! Rain gutters installed by Liberty Roofing Pros can save thousands of dollars by preventing water damage. 

Here are some of the factors of not having a working  rain gutter system:

Bad Gutter, Bad News… Liberty Roofing Gets Gutters Right

  • Gutters which are clogged by unaddressed build-up of fallen leafs, pine needles, asphalt shingle granules and other debris will back-up and spillover, water-logging wooden parts of the roof eaves.
  • Missing or misaligned gutters are unsightly and negatively impact a home or building’s curb appeal and market value.
  • Rainwater that is not directed away from the home eventually cuts paths of least resistance frequently finding a way behind siding and walls, or seeping underground to enter cracks in foundations.
  • Missing or dysfunctional gutters can soak common areas around a home or building, compromising decorative landscapes and outdoor furnishings.
  • Leaking gutters can “pool” water in areas creating a breeding ground for insects.
  • A faulty gutter system can lead to stoppages that leave water and moisture atop the roof, causing unsightly, streaky patterns of discoloration from algae and bacteria known as gloeocapsa magma.


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Home and business owners in the Western Pennsylvania area who don’t have a sound, functioning gutter system need a roofing specialist with the right skillset to correct any problems before water damage leads to expensive moisture remediation measures.  Liberty Roofing specializes in gutter systems here in Northwest Georgia and we make sure your roof is well-equipped with quality gutters and always look for a local, experienced roofing contractor like Liberty Roofing Pros when it’s time for new gutter installation!

Take Care of Your Property’s Most Essential Need…A Great Roof!

Roofs are the first defense against the elements of nature, and shingles wear down over time.  Excessive UV rays from the sun, strong winds, torrential rain, hail, falling limbs, pest infestation, malfunctioning gutters, and improper installation procedures… any of these can lead to roof system failures. When your roof needs replacement, it’s time to contact Liberty Roofing Pros at 844-454-0604 |  [email protected]