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OUR Affordable Roof Financing Solutions for Homeowners

We understand the financial challenges homeowners face when investing in a new roof, a critical aspect of home maintenance. If your project isn’t covered by insurance, Liberty Roofing Pros offers convenient financing options, subject to approved credit through Ally Financing.

The 'Why' that Makes Roof Financing a Brilliant Choice

Explore why financing your roof with Liberty Roofing Pros can be a smart decision.


Instant Approval & High Approval Rates:

Applying for roof financing is a seamless process with instant approval results and high approval rates. Enjoy a hassle-free experience through an online, mobile app, or phone application with electronic signatures, often receiving approval within minutes.

Zero Down Payment Options:

Opt for 0% upfront costs and avoid interest payments by choosing roof financing options that require no down payment. Inquire about these options to ease the burden of a lump sum payment.


Transparent Pricing - No Hidden Fees:

Liberty Roofing prioritizes transparency, ensuring you won’t encounter any hidden fees or additional costs beyond our standard pricing. We uphold ethics and honesty in all our financial dealings.


Low Monthly Payments:

Financing your new roof allows for low monthly payments, enabling you to budget effectively with affordable installments. Take advantage of potentially reduced interest rates based on your repayment conditions and credit history.


Secure & Confidential Process:

Your privacy and security are paramount to us. Rest assured that all the personal information you provide is protected, ensuring the confidentiality of your sensitive financial details.


Liberty Roofing has partnered with lending specialists in the home improvement field to offer roof financing, subject to approved credit. Contact us for detailed information on the process.

Loan conditions are typically available for up to 15 years, with interest rates varying based on the repayment term. Some lenders may require the roofing job to be completed within a specific timeframe, often within a year.

There are no restrictions on the types of roofs that can be financed. However, financing for certain roofs may be more or less expensive. Choose a roof that enhances your home’s value if you ever plan to sell it.

Contact Liberty Roofing Pros for more information on affordable and convenient roof financing solutions tailored to your needs.