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An Interactive Learning Destination

The expERIEnce Children’s Museum, located in Erie, Pennsylvania, is a premier destination for children and families seeking educational fun. Since its establishment in 1995, the museum has been dedicated to providing interactive exhibits that promote hands-on learning and creativity. Visit this link for more information.

Engaging Exhibits

The museum features a variety of exhibits designed to engage children of all ages. From the “World Around You” exhibit, which explores geography and cultures, to the “Water Table,” where kids can learn about the properties of water through play, each exhibit is crafted to stimulate curiosity and learning. The “Imagination Station” encourages creative play, while the “Discovery Corner” focuses on science and nature. Read about Discover Rainbow Gardens in Erie, PA here.

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Educational Programs

In addition to its exhibits, the expERIEnce Children’s Museum offers numerous educational programs and workshops. These programs are designed to enhance children’s learning experiences, covering topics such as art, science, and technology. Special events and seasonal activities ensure there is always something new to explore.

Community Impact

The museum is a vital part of the Erie community, providing a safe and enriching environment for children to learn and grow. By fostering a love of learning through play, the expERIEnce Children’s Museum plays a crucial role in the educational development of the region’s youngest residents.