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Commercial Roofing Contractors Explain The Best Roofing Systems

Your business is really like your second home, and for some people, they spend more time at their commercial property than their actual residential home. That is the state of the industry, and being under the roof of a building you trust to spend that much time in is more important than you may think. Our commercial roofing contractors have laid out and built the best roofing systems with materials that match that property, and allow that business to thrive in ways they never realized before. 


Understanding the benefits of each roofing system, and which ones fit your business best, can create a huge opportunity for improved quality and increased property value. The three best roofing systems to be discussed are Foam Roof, Metal Restoration, and Membrane Restoration.

Commercial Roofing Contractors

Foam Roof System

A foam roof system is a seamless, durable, and lightweight material that works really well on commercial properties that have a purpose for office buildings. Foam roofs form onto pipes and vents to create a seamless connection, and add to its durability by covering edges naturally. Its unique properties make this material waterproof and avoid problems that occur like leaks unless the structure is damaged, ofcourse. This material is made with recyclable materials making it a “green” roofing system. Foam roofs are eligible for a 18 year warranty, and hold a friendly price point when looking to make a roof replacement.

Metal Restoration

Metal restoration is an applied roof system that is ideal for improving on a metal roof system that is damaged. Metal restoration will improve the foundation of your current roof system and give it an upgrade. Like normal metal roofing, it is highly reflective, making it very energy efficient, so it can be useful on any commercial property. Metal restoration has all the benefits of metal roofing, if you’d like to know more about metal roofing, read our blog about Metal Roofing. A restoration is not as expensive as a new roof system, but it is not considered a repair either. Damages from the previous roof system like leak damage, rust spreading, and other damages from the previous system. This also comes with a 18 year warranty for the restoration.

Membrane Restoration

Membrane restoration, like metal restoration, is a roofing system that can improve on a current membrane system while being less expensive than a roof replacement. Membrane is reinforced and is very energy efficient. Membrane is normally a bright white coating application, which reduces energy costs. It also has protective coatings that help the inside of the building get warmer or colder, depending on the season, further helping energy costs. This restoration system has a 10-year warranty and can protect the inhabitants of your commercial property.

The Commercial Roofing Contractors

As a business owner in western Pennsylvania, you need quality commercial roofing contractors that can take care of your properties with the best skills. The person you hire should be trustworthy enough to be able to do construction on your residential property, and can do both. You need Liberty Roofing Pros. The best in the business at several different styles of roofing, and can create the roofing projects necessary to allow your business to stand out and be energy efficient. Book with Liberty Roofing Pros Today.

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Commercial Roofing Contractors
Commercial Roofing Contractors Explain The Best Roofing Systems

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